Qingdao Hi-Hope International Trade Co., Ltd

Qingdao Hi-Hope International Trade Co., Ltd Qingdao Hi-Hope International Trade Co., Ltd Qingdao Hi-Hope International Trade Co., Ltd
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Trading Company
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands: Hi-hope
No. of Employees: 50~100
Annual Sales: 10000000-100000000
Year Established: 2017
Export p.c: 70% - 80%
About Us

Qingdao Hi-hope is in Qingdao city, Shandong province of China. Factory and cargo warehouse covers an area of 3500 square meters.

Qingdao Hi-hope provides one-stop poultry and livestock farm services for global farms. To provide global customers with a complete set of turnkey projects including the poultry farm design, poultry steel building design and construction, complete broiler floor raising equipment, complete breeder raising equipment, complete layer farm cage systems, manufacturing and installation, and overall equipment running debugging…

As the company gradually develop & grow, we now can make design and supply complete equipment for pig farm, including pig stainless steel trough feeder, plastic dry-wet feeder, sow feeder, pig nipple drinker, drinking bowl, pig crates (mating & gestation pen, farrowing crate, weaner pen, finisher pen), pig automatic feeding system, livestock plastic slat flooring, ventilation, and control system.

Qingdao Hi-hope has an experienced modern poultry farm construction design team, focusing on providing practical, economical and environment friendly solutions according to different local conditions.

The company is also actively engaged in depth cooperation and learning with the international leading companies in poultry and livestock area, committed to provide the world’s most advanced technology and equipment for our customers.

In addition, we have an experienced after-sales service and installation team, that can help our customer get the instant response from us if any problem with our product. The company aims to “Become an Outstanding Poultry and Livestock Equipment Supplier from China”.
“Help Customer Success” is our goal.



Qingdao Hi-hope trading company established from 2017.

Qingdao Hi-hope agricultural technology company establised from 2020.


Hi-Hope could offer you one stop service include:


1, Farm Design Consulting
2, Farm Layout/Design
3, Turnkey Design-Build
4, Steel Building Packages
5, Poultry and Pig Equipment Packages
6, Construction Supervision
7, Construction Management Service ( Just for Philippines and Indonesia Market)
8, Bio Security Facilities
9, Organic Fertilizer/Chicken Manure Treatment
10, Feed Processing Facilities & Buildings

Our Team

Hi-hope have an experienced after-sales team with 20 years already. And we have a specially-assigned people orgnised all the questions feedback by our valued customers. We will give a quick respond within 24 hours with your problems.

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